Health Reactive India

Ayurveda Pharmaceutical Company

Health Reactive is an Ayurveda Pharmaceutical Company working from more than 25 years in the field of Ayurveda & the man behind successful research of Health Reactive is Inventor Mr. Munir Khan.

The Inventor Mr. Munir Khan worked on Ayurveda & his self-research on Immunotherapy, Principle of Cell Theory & Cell Regeneration continued for many years.

Mr. Munir Khan formulated & invented & gave this world 'Body Revival' an Ayurvdic & Herbal medicine which is a composition of Nature’s 9 Best Herbs.

Body Revival is purely Herbal & Ayurvedic Medicine which helps in healing the body, Boosts Immunity, Strengthening of Brain, Heart, Liver, Kidney, Lungs & almost every part of the body. Body Revival also helps in Reviving from any disease & supports regeneration of the good & healthy cells & Cleansing the Blood, Detoxify the Body & Flushes out toxins out of the body.

The immensely popular herbal Product, 'Body Revival' is the result of an extensive in-house research led by Mr. Munir Khan at our state-of-the-art facilities. 

Under the leadership of Mr. Munir Khan, Health Reactive has grown multi-fold since its Inception. There has always been a focus on Research & Development to deliver the best product for wellness and good health.

Inventor Mr. Munir Khan has two factories of Health Reactive in India in Himachal & Rajasthan where the formulation of Body Revival is made & packed under the supervision of medical professionals by following all national & international rules & regulations with approved standards & guidelines of medicine manufacturer, administration & licenced under Government of India with ISO & GMP Certification.