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Body Revival

Body Revival is an 100% Ayurvedic Plant Based Formulation of Nature's Best 9 Herbs which works on the Principle of Cell Theory, Immunotherapy & Cell Regeneration & stimulates the self-healing abilities of the Body.

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Benifits of Body Revival

Body Revival is a composition of 9 Precious & Ancient Herbs. Nature’s Best Herbs makes Body Revival exclusive healer with its extraordinary healing benefits. Several Books of Ayurveda shows that Properties of each herb is significant for healing & treatment of various diseases including major causes of illness like unhealthy lifestyle, smoking or chewing tobacco & consuming alcohol, etc.


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Constituents of Body Revival



Wonders of Ayurveda & It's Healing Powers

Ayurveda the oldest healing science. “The Science of Life” Ayurveda originated in India more than 5,000 years ago and is often called the “Mother of All Healing.”


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25 years of Body Revival

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by Our Clients

Medicine really works.

My mother was suffering from bladder cancer. And we had started medication in the hospital where the doctor said they need to do an operation but still there would be a risk. Later on, my husband's mother-in-law suggested body revival and we started the treatment in health reactive In July. By December my mother’s health improved and now she is in very good condition. Thanks to the health reactive team and Dr.MUNIR Khan for such great medicine.

Sunita Surve

Very helpful medicine for cancer mother takes it, she was suffering from rectum cancer because of the pain she wasn't able to sit or walk. But after taking 1 dose of medicine she felt relieved. Don't think twice to purchase just go for it. It will cure your loved ones

Kanchan Kamal

Thank You Health Reactive team because this medicine really works. My relative is now doing better healthwise with half of the first dose itself. There is improvement in her reports.

Mahimil Chisthi

So far I have taken almost 1 and 1/2 bottles and have felt changes in terms of energy and felt better than what I felt after post-cancer diagnosis. I am putting faith in medicine and going ahead with positive feelings.

Mathai Pg

My mother had breast cancer surgery... After that lung cancer was detected... Body revival is like a brahmastra which showed a drastic improvement in my mother's health.

Vinish Singh

My father’s condition deteriorated after chemotherapy, he was bedridden but then I decided to go for Health Reactive. After taking Body Revival I can see great improvement, he is very much now. The medicine really does wonders, the only thing I regret if I have shown this faith 9 months ago he would not have had to go through so much pain.

Alpha Singh

My mother started using body revival 5 months ago. She had diabetes and due to it she had problems with her eyes but after taking body revival everything is under control and she is better now.

Sameer Sindha

My wife is suffering from schizophrenia, I consulted doctors & started medication 26 months back, but nothing works and Now for 8 months she has been totally off from all allopathic medicine, and only taking body revival there are no more tantrums, but she is withdrawn & quiet, I am being patient and relieved because now she is healthy & no side effects as her recent tests prove it. She is not totally fine but improving gradually. psy illnesses are the most difficult to treat but Body Revival has been doing an amazing job, hope she gets all right & praying for the same Thank you scientist Munir Khan

Raghavendra Hirehal Narayanaswamy

Thanks to Scientist Munir Khan and his entire team and support staff.

My father was diagnosed with colon cancer and after surgery and during chemotherapy, he was struggling with the side effects of chemotherapy and medication. Then he started this syrup and Alhamdulillah it worked really well. It not only boosted his immunity but also gave him enough strength to do day-to-day work. Their support team is also really good at solving queries immediately.

9- Ss Ahmed

Special thanks to scientist Munir Khan

Thanks to Body Revival from Health Reactive because one of my friends who was suffering from mouth cancer is now cured from cancer and he is in excellent condition for the last six months.

Hanumath Majhi

Thanks to Mr. Munir Khan God bless.

One of my friends advised me of this medicine. We wanted the medicine for my mother-in-law who is suffering from cancer she was having severe head pain. It has been reduced by 80 percent after taking Body Revival. She also had a BP problem that also has been reduced. She is doing well now.

Shradha Saburi

My uncle is a cancer patient. A few days after the initial diagnosis, he had become too weak, was facing difficulty in doing his daily routine tasks, and needed support. After taking the medicine Body Revival for the last few months, he has been feeling better. He is now more active and is able to do his daily tasks by himself. We hope that the medicine continues its good effects and will show more improvement in my uncle's health.

Manav Aryan